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Welcome to Green Image Services LLC. Family owned and operated in Tampa Fl. Providing the highest quality of service to the tri-county area of Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco.

To serve you with all your Lawn and Shrubs Services as well as all your Pest Control needs from ants, roaches and more.

What makes us different:

Delivering the best service to our customers and community by protecting their health, property and the environment. Our customers can rest assure their family and home will always be protected by Green Image Services.

Lawn / Shrub Service

Make your lawn green!

We at Green Image Services have taken Lawn Care Services to new heights. Our Lawn Care Program focuses on building a strong root system, because we understand that this leads to Lawns that are more naturally resistant to pest, weed damage and more tolerant of drought, extreme temperature and general wear and tear. This is a comprehensive approach with long-term goals that you may not get with traditional lawn care services.


 Core aeration is essential on your lawn maintenance because it allows oxygen, water and nutrients to flow freely into the root zone. This encourages healthy root growth and increases water and nutrient absorption, and reduces fertilizer run-off into our water supply. 


How do we do it?

Your plan will include fertilization and Micro-nutrition applications, pre-emergent and post emergent weed treatments, targeted treatments for disease and insects. We will also inspect your landscape on each visit and provide you with written recommendations on mowing and pruning technics to maximize the health and beauty of your lawn. Making your lawn better from the ground up.

Get some "CURB" appeal

Get some "CURB" appeal


Growing and maintaining a healthy and beautiful Landscape requires a comprehensive Landscape plan that builds a healthy root system, This protects  your landscape from pest, weeds and disease. 

Our Shrub Care Program is customized for you with includes Phosphorus-free fertilizers that protect waterways along with targeted ornamental pest control, disease control and weed control. We are here to provide you with our comprehensive Landscape plan for a healthy and beautiful Landscape. 


Do you want an individual consultation?

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